Jackie Perez + Co. began in March of 2016 as a Virtual Assistance company and has since grown into an intimate boutique agency providing Launch Project Management and Online Business Management, among other services.

My Team and I provide you and your business with full support! We're equipped to handle full-scale launches, social media management and strategy and digital marketing support. Having us all up in your badass biz will help you finally take a step back from your business to focus on what lights you up! We'll support you through all of your new projects and launches, and provide quarterly strategy sessions that will help you enhance your business to create more ease and impact

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I  love all things wine, F-BOMBS are my favorite word and I enjoy a really good book, beautiful artwork and collecting tattoos. I'm very much the child of a left and right brainI love being creative and thoroughly enjoy labeling and color-coding! Crystals, Oracle cards and the Moon are my loves, and sarcasm makes a regular appearance in my day to day convos.

Starting my business was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. The challenges, the growth, the connection, and the support are all helping me become my truest self, and that is something a 9-5 could never do!

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Running your own business is not easy. Sometimes you want to give up, some days you're on cloud 9. On the days I feel like giving up, I am in total gratitude for my team. They are the best investment I can ever make. I know what it means to bring in support - quality, trusting support! So we provide nothing but trusting, loving support to our clients and make sure they know their business is in the right hands.