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THANK YOU for taking the time to visit me! The universe brought you here for a reason, and I know we're going to be fast friends... biz besties, even. <3

I started my career as a corporate 9-5er and after 15 years in the rat race, I decided it was time to start my own thing.  Alas, Eloquent Virtual Assistance was born! I began my business in March of 2016 as a Virtual Assistant and after working with many clients, I began to notice that my "Zone of Genius" is in systems, digital marketing, and seamless workflows. I thrive off of a well-organized business and I spend my work days making sure my clients have a well-oiled machine [business], set up for visibility and lucrative success! So, I decided to scale up and provide my clients with Online Business Management & Digital Marketing support, as their Tech-Creative VA + OBM and now operate under Jackie Perez + Co. 

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I have been married to my best friend, Danny for seven years and we have two crazy/beautiful children; Vida & Danny, who keep us on our toes... all day! I'm expanding and soulfully embracing my spiritual side, so you'll find me most days -  everyday, meditating and playing with my oracle cards and absorbing everything I can to expand and grow my gifts and intuition. I love all things wine, the F-word is by far my favorite word and I enjoy a really good book and amazing pieces of art, and tattoo collecting is a hobby! I'm also very much the child of a left and right brain - I love being creative and thoroughly enjoy labeling, color-coding, and making sure everything is organized and in its rightful place. Think "Mommy, Dearest", but in the NICEST possible way. Too much?? 


P.S. Sarcasm runs through my veins. <3