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using the moon as a catalyst for alignment and flow in business has been life changinG for me...

and I want the same for you!

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The Biz Planning with the Moon Mini-Course is designed to take you through each phase of the moon in an easy and relatable way, so that you can plan out all the things in your business to help you gain clarity around your offerings, your content, and your purpose.

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seven days of educational and inspired content to help you truly understand the moon cycles and how to plan your business around each…

During each of the seven days you’ll get content delivered straight to your inbox around…

🌑 Each Moon Phase and what they represent for you and your business.

🌒 How to plan your content, offerings, and business around each phase!

🌓 Rituals for Each Phase that you can practice in your sacred space!

🌕 Crystals for each phase and how to use them in your Biz!

🌗 You’ll also get a FREE PDF Planner to use during the mini-course, a printable Moon Phase Calendar, and access to the FREE FB group to join in on the discussion!

I invite you to take a look at your business and where you’re currently at. How can we can plan this next quarter that is in alignment with you and your purpose?!


Join a FREE Mini-Course that will guide you through building a business that is sacred and joyful!

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