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Planning all the things in your business out of a journal and to-do lists?

Feeling overwhelmed by trying to get everything done when you intend to?

Are you struggling to find the best processes for you and your business, so you can stay organized, efficient, and out of overwhelm?

I designed this course because I know what it’s like to DIY all the things in business and hit burnout and overwhelm too quickly. I also know how easy it can be to forget about having an efficient biz when your time gets filled in with client support and content creation.

Each of the lessons in the four modules will walk you through every area in your business and teach you the best ways to stay organized and automated!

This course is made of up four modules, and a total of 16 lessons, including plug and play templates to make this even easier for you!

Here’s a little secret, because this was a LIVE course, each video is not only walking you through a tutorial of how to use each board but, you’re also getting business guidance and tips to staying organized.