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with Monthly Voxer Coaching Support+ mentorship

Owning a business can come with a lot of struggle, but it doesn't always have to be that way! Why did you start your VA biz?

I want to help you reclaim that WHY and grow through it, so that you can finally have the business you've always wanted. 

You don't have to spend your time working hours for clients and draining your energy and totally ignoring your own business growth. You can have the business you want, with the freedom and income you deserve. 

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Monthly Voxer Coaching five days a week from 9:30a CST to 2p CST - Monday through Friday. After our Voxer sessions I will send you weekly follow-up emails on Fridays with actions steps to take RIGHT NOW, so you can begin building your business, your way! 

This type of mentorship is totally customizable to what you’re experiencing in your biz right now, and where you want to go!

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+ Mindset Blocks around growing your biz, showing up, money stories, we'll bust them all! 

+ Aligning your services with your strengths and what you truly enjoy doing!

+ Designing packages and pricing them in a way that nourishes you and your clients! 

+ Content and Social Media Strategy

+ Onboarding Clients with ease and using the best systems that support your growth and the way your brain works!

+ and soooo much more, babe! 

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Fill out the short application below to get started with your Mentorship. I’ll be sure to respond to your application within 1-2 business days with next steps!  

The Soul Inspired VA Mentorship Package begin at $375 for Voxer support three days a week with weekly followup emails and action steps or $475 for support five days a week with weekly followup emails and action steps.

If you’d like to add 1:1 Zoom Calls in addition to the Voxer Support, each call is $97/for a recorded Zoom Call, so you have life-time access to our Weekly Outlines and Zoom Calls in your personal Soul-Inspired VA Google Drive Folder!

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