As your Online Business Manager, I come in and audit your business and provide an effective strategy to create more ease, efficient workflows, and team management. With this type of support we work together long-term to build a strong foundation for your business and support you during all of your launches, new projects, and ideas you need help brainstorming. 

I believe in purpose-driven support and am by your side to jam on all things life and biz.

Investment varies on scope of support, total team members, if any, and project plans (including launches) for the year.

Do you have new program or course you're being called to launch?
Launching a new offering involves a lot of your energy, a lot of moving pieces, and a plan to see it come to life! I help you make it EASY. We build your launch plan and timeline, frame out all of the moving pieces, and make sure your team is equipped and confident to handle your next launch! 

This type of support is specifically for Online programs, courses, memberships, Website Launches, and Events.

Investment varies on scope of project and length.